As product owner I make sure my teams deliver high quality features, have zero technical debt, no unexpected refactoring and a relative low amount of bugs. My work break down comes from vision, to strategy, to roadmap, to sliced epics. I involve the entire organisation like product management, sales, consultancy, support, trainers and marketing on epic level, so they can be in time with their feedback and their own preparations like marketing blogs and updated manuals. I need about 9 months to turn a group of professionals into a well performing and satisfying team.

I am able to get this done by acting on three levels: individuals, teams and the organisation. On each level I apply the same aikido, agile and lean mechanisms. It helps me to intensify relationships and increase centered alignment on each level.

My work has proven to result in more motivated individuals, productive and aligned teams, a more balanced and engaged environment and satisfying relationships with customers and suppliers.

By focusing on added value versus mandatory costs in effort, budget and quality, I realise usable, appealing software products which can be used as beloved instruments by its users. My work is based on skilled input from myself and others on domain knowledge, broad software engineering expertise and unbiased data and risk analysis.

I enjoy creating structure and overview in highly complex and dynamic environments. I have worked with global distributed teams in countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Vietnam and India on embedded products, mobile apps and cloud solutions.

Roles I experienced, in no particular order:
• Global product owner
• Global scrum master
• Agile and software lean coach
• Project manager
• Embedded, web and mobile software engineer
• UX/UI designer
• Software tester
• Application and technical consultant
• Trainer

I also participate in society as:
• Shiatsu masseur
• Hypnotist
• and used to be a taxidermist